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For our international customers, free worldwide shipping is about as good as it gets. The joy of not having to add extra cost on to your basket is absolutely unrivalled and here at Triads, this is something we appreciate. With this in mind we’re running this grand offer for the next 6 days now. It expires at midnight May 16 and will be automatically applied to all orders greater than £50. Our UK customers are also eligible but the same rules apply.

We know how these things work. It’s often comparable to receiving a gift voucher at Christmas when there’s hardly anything left but here at Triads, we’re destroying everything you thought you knew. More times than not elsewhere on the internet a discount will pop up when there’s nothing you fancy but this time we couldn’t be more timely as we’re inudated with new arrivals from some of the most respected brands in menswear. Click here to take a look at our wares and remember to stay tuned to our Facebook page for product previews as and when they arrive.

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