Step2 Shipping InformationStep2-Shipping-Policy

FedEx Home Delivery Orders
FedEx Home Delivery orders usually take 2-6 business days to arrive, depending on the distance from our warehouse in Streetsboro, OH. Orders placed before 9AM ET will ship the next business day, all other orders will ship within 2 business days. Most of our items ship via FedEx, including kitchens, ride-ons, art desks and easels. [view transit times by state] You should also note that FedEx Home Delivery operates Tuesday – Saturday and orders will be left without a signature unless circumstances merit otherwise.
*Please note that Infantino items ship from California, and will not match these transit times.

FedEx Expedited Shipping
FedEx Standard Overnight and 2 Day delivery times will vary based on the time your order is placed. Orders placed before 9AM ET will ship the next business day, all other orders will ship within 2 business days. Overnight packages will then take one additional business day for delivery, and 2 Day will be delivered within two business days. Expedited shipping options may require a signature for delivery. Please plan accordingly.

Truck Orders
Some of our larger items ship “via Truck.” These orders require a special type of shipping company, and usually arrive in 2 – 2 1/2 weeks. Most of our Playhouses and Outdoor Climbing Gyms ship via Truck. Be sure to read the special information below regarding truck shipments.Where Can Shipments be Sent?
Step2® Direct offers convenient delivery directly to your home or business address within thelower 48 U.S. states.How is the Shipping Method Determined?
Depending on the size of the product(s) you order, your shipment will arrive either by trucking company (common carrier) or by parcel carrier (FedEx). You’ll see the ship method for your order when you checkout.

Checking the Status of Your Order
We will update you by email with the status of your order. First, we’ll let you know when we receive your order and confirm all the details. Then, after we put your order into our system, we’ll give you an estimated ship date and transit time. Finally, we’ll contact you to let you know that your order has shipped. You can check the status of your order anytime at our website.

Special Information Regarding Shipments via Truck
If your order is shipping by truck (common carrier), then we are going to need your help at the time of delivery. Shipping by truck is a big deal. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Someone must be present to receive your shipment. The trucking company will not deliver the shipment without a signature. Our shipping charges include standard curbside residential delivery.
  2. Don’t be alarmed if the boxes are a little beat up when they arrive. They’ll have been through a lot by the time they reach their new home. Just because the carton is damaged, it doesn’t mean that the product has been harmed. If it looks like any of the contents are damaged or missing, then write this down on the delivery paperwork before you sign it. (For example, if there is a big gaping hole in the carton, and stuff is falling out, then it’s a good idea to note this.)
  3. Trucking companies usually call before attempting delivery. That’s why we require your phone number when you place an order. Your phone number is only used for this purpose, and we won’t give it to anyone other than those responsible for handling your order.
  4. Most drivers are really cool people. If you are nice to them, they will often help unload the truck. However, their union contracts often do not require them to do this. So, please be prepared to help unload your order from the truck when it arrives. If you need help, arrange for it in advance. (HINT – Perhaps the neighbors will help you out in exchange for letting their kids play on the new Step2 stuff in your backyard. Shameless bribes like this are encouraged.)
  5. Please count the cartons before signing the freight delivery document. Read the delivery receipt, and be sure that you receive every carton that was shipped. If any cartons are missing or appear damaged, please note this on the delivery paperwork before you sign it. This is very important!

Assisted Delivery Upgrade
If your order is shipping by truck, we may offer you the opportunity to upgrade your shipping to include Assisted Delivery. When you upgrade to Assisted Delivery, it assures that the driver will assist in unloading the order from the truck. Please understand that the driver may need some help from you due to the large size of the box(es).

Shipment Problems – What to do
If your shipment is missing something or is damaged, please contact Step2® Direct by email or toll-free by phone at 866-429-5200 (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern time). We will be happy to assist to in any way we can, provided that the problem was noted on the freight delivery paperwork.

*If You Live Outside the lower 48 U.S. States
Please contact us via email or by phone at 800-347-8372. We’ll help you find a store where you can purchase locally.

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