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Spencer Gifts Shipping InformationSpencer-Gifts-Shipping-Policy

All Orders Placed by 3:00 PM EST Can Be Expected On Or Before:
Day Ordered
Date Day Economy Standard Second Day Overnight Saturday Intl. Economy (CA) Intl. Priority (CA)
1-Dec Tue 11-Dec 8-Dec 3-Dec 2-Dec 15-Dec 7-Dec
2-Dec Wed 14-Dec 9-Dec 4-Dec 3-Dec N/A 16-Dec 8-Dec
3-Dec Thu 15-Dec 10-Dec 7-Dec 4-Dec 17-Dec 9-Dec
4-Dec Fri 16-Dec 11-Dec 8-Dec 7-Dec 5-Dec 18-Dec 10-Dec
5-Dec Sat
6-Dec Sun 17-Dec 14-Dec 9-Dec 8-Dec 21-Dec 11-Dec
7-Dec Mon
8-Dec Tue 18-Dec 15-Dec 10-Dec 9-Dec N/A 22-Dec 14-Dec
9-Dec Wed 21-Dec 16-Dec 11-Dec 10-Dec 23-Dec 15-Dec
10-Dec Thu 22-Dec 17-Dec 14-Dec 11-Dec 24-Dec 16-Dec
11-Dec Fri 23-Dec 18-Dec 15-Dec 14-Dec 12-Dec 17-Dec
12-Dec Sat
13-Dec Sun 24-Dec 21-Dec 16-Dec 15-Dec 18-Dec
14-Dec Mon
15-Dec Tue 22-Dec 17-Dec 16-Dec N/A 21-Dec
16-Dec Wed 23-Dec 18-Dec 17-Dec 22-Dec
17-Dec Thu 24-Dec 21-Dec 18-Dec 23-Dec
18-Dec Fri Post Holiday 22-Dec 21-Dec 19-Dec Post Holiday 24-Dec
19-Dec Sat
20-Dec Sun Post Holiday 23-Dec 22-Dec
21-Dec Mon
22-Dec Tue 24-Dec 23-Dec Post Holiday Post Holiday
23-Dec Wed 24-Dec
24-Dec Thu Post Holiday Post Holiday
25-Dec Fri
Should Arrive On or Before Dec. 23 Should Arrive On or Before Dec. 24 Will Arrive After the Holiday

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