Check The Estimated Shipping Rates For Your Blank & Printed Labels Using The Shipping Calculator At!

January 06, 2014

Are you interested in ordering labels from Would you like to be able to check the estimated shipping rates for your labels before placing your order?

This blog is going to walk you through the step-by-step process of using the shipping calculator at to check the estimated shipping rates of your blank and printed labels.

To get to the shipping calculator, take your mouse to the left navigation on the homepage and click, “Shipping Calculator”. Once you’ve clicked “Shipping Calculator”, the website directs you to the “Shipping Calculator” page. On this page you are able to find the estimated shipping cost for your blank and custom printed labels.

Any field with a red asterisk next to it, is a field that needs to be filled out in order to calculate your estimated shipping rates.

First, use the dropdown arrow to select which material you’re interested in ordering from For more information regarding any of the over 30 label materials available at, please visit our “Product Information” page.

Next, use the dropdown arrow to select the quantity or amount of labels you wish to order from

Moving on, use the dropdown arrow to select the sheet size. The sheet size is the size of the sheet of label material that you’re interested in ordering. The options available in this section are:

  • 8.5” x 11”
  • 8.5” x 12”
  • 8.5” x 14”
  • 11” x 17”

After you select a sheet size you can continue on. Notice the next field is for “Zip”. That field is followed by “Country”. If you use the dropdown arrow to change the “Country” to “Canada”, the field that once said “Zip” changes to “Postal Code”.

Once all of the required fields have been completed, click “Get Shipping Rates”. A list is generated. This list shows the “Estimated Shipping Costs” for different shipping methods available at This information is based on the label material, quantity and sheet size of your labels along with where your zip code is located.

If you want to change the “Material”, “Quantity”, “Sheet Size”, “Zip” or “Country”, change that information and click “Get Shipping Rates” again. The information adjusts based on the new information you’ve provided.

If you’re happy with the shipping rates and want to shop for labels, click the “Shop Now” arrow.

Knowing how to check shipping rates is very useful for any customer interested in ordering blank or custom printed labels from!

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