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Seattle Luxe Shipping InformationSeattle-Luxe-Shipping-Policy

We are happy to ship to Canada for which 99% of our products are eligible.  For most situations, all shipping and handling charges including brokerage, as well as GST, PST if any, or HST appear in your shopping cart at the time you finalize your order.

FREE SHIPPING does not apply to merchandise shipped outside of the 48 contiguous United States.  In most cases we are pass on to you, our shipping volume discount for shipments to Canada.  Charges for some very large or heavy items which are shipped by common carrier truck (not UPS or FedEx) cannot be calculated in advance.  In such cases will will contact you with the actual shipping charge before finalizing your order.

NAFTA – Goods manufactured in the USA or Mexico usually cross the US-Canada border duty-free under NAFTA.   Rarely, duty is due and may be collected at your door by the delivering carrier.  USA goods are identified on the ordering pages.

NON- NAFTA GOODS – see the Duty examples table below.  Duty will usually be collected at your door according to the table below, but in rare circumstances may be billed to us – in which case we will charge your credit card separately for the duty amount.  Dutiable goods include almost any products NOT made in the USA or Mexico.

You are responsible for GST, PST if any, or HST and any other taxes and brokerage fees.
 The amount is usually visible in the shopping cart after you enter your Postal Code.   If the tax line in the shopping carts shows $0.00 then any taxes, duty (if any), and brokerage, may be collected by the delivering carrier.  This is unusual.  We will do our best to protect our customers’ interests, but is not responsible for amounts charged to customers by government agencies or by shippers or other parties, and makes no claims or warrantiees regarding those charges.  Our expectation and experience, however, shows those charges to usually be fair and correct.

By clicking “I Agree” below, you agree to pay the taxes, duties, etc. in the event they are charged by the delivering carrier instead of By clicking “I Agree” you also agree that should you refuse the shipment you will be responsible for any and all charges including taxes duties and brokerage paid by us or still owed by you, round-trip freight, restocking fees if applicable, and the merchandise itself, if custom made.

   I agree   No thank you. Please cancel my order.

For customs information call your local Customs office.
In Ottowa, the office is at 2265 St. Laurent B’lvd K1G 4K3.  (613) 993-0537.

NON-USA Merchandise Duty Rate NON-USA Merchandise Duty Rate
Mailboxes, Steel or Aluminum 6.50% Door Mats, Rubber 7.00%
Mailboxes, Wood 6.00% Door Mats, Vinyl 6.50%
Mailboxes, Copper 3.00% Door Mats, Foam 7.00%
Mailboxes, Brass 3.00% Door Mats, Aluminum 6.50%
Mailbox Brackets, Base Metal 6.50% Kitchen Carts, Wood 9.50%
Weathervanes, Copper 3.00% Kitchen Carts, Wood/Steel 9.50%
Cupolas, Wood/Copper 6.00%    ***If more wood than steel 8.00%
***If more opper than wood 3.00% Kitchen Carts, Granite Top See Below
Cupolas, Vinyl/Copper 6.50%    ***If the carts are made of wood 9.50%
***If more copper than vinyl 3.00%    ***If the carts are made of steel 8.00%
Cupolas, Copper 3.00% Islands, Granite Top See Below
Address Plaques/Signs, Lighted 7.00%    ***If the carts are made of wood 9.50%
Address Plaques/Signs, Non-Lighted 7.00%    ***If the islands are made of steel 8.00%
Make Up Mirrors, Kimball & Young, Zadro 6.00% Fireplace Screens, Metal 8.00%
Make Up Mirrors, Alto/TonJon Free Fireplace Screens, Metal/Glass 8.00%
Make Up Mirrors, Samuel Heath 6.00% Garden Hose Pots, Copper 3.00%
Door Mats, Coir 3.00% Garden Hose Pots, Aluminum 6.50%

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