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How much are the shipping charges?

Shipping is FREE in the continental U.S. if you choose FedEx Ground as your shipping option. Other shipping options are FedEx 2 Day and FedEx Overnight and those charges are displayed when you check out. International orders are subject to additional shipping charges.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship worldwide.

If you are shipping to Canada, just choose the Canada Shipping method from the Shipping options menu during checkout.

If you are an international customer, outside of the US or Canada simply choose one of the following shipping options upon checkout:

  • Europe Shipping – For Shipping to the UK and the European Union
  • Australia Shipping – For Australia and New Zealand
  • International Shipping – All other countries

Once your order is confirmed, you will be contacted by an overstockArt.com representative that will give you an exact quote for your art shipment. In addition, you may pay with international credit cards or PayPal.

Please note that if you wish to become one of our overstockArt.com International Business partners, use thecontact form here to request more information about overstockArt.com Business opportunities.

Shipping costs may vary considerably based on four factors:

  1. Order size & weight
  2. Destination country
  3. Shipping preference
  4. Duties and taxes collected by your government

Note: Framed items cost much more to ship as shipping cost is based on dimensional weight. Consider buying unframed and frame locally for international orders.

The exact shipping rates will be determined after the completion of the checkout process.

We ship to over 150 countries worldwide and we provide international customer support via phone, chat and email.

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