Shipping Service
Shipping service is provided by EMS | UPS | DHL | acts as an agent only. We ship to almost every country in the world.
Delivery Service
Deliver service is provided by the above carriers. UPS has its own door to door shipping and delivery service; EMS works with EMS Delivery Partners.
Cost Calculator
You can get the exact shipping cost(s) by simulating an order placement; following the instruction, all information about total sum, shipping and tax (if there is) will be displayed in the Step of “Shipping & Payment”. You won’t be charged until you click on “Submit order” at the last step. Learn more …
Standard Air | Air Express
Standard Air and Air Express are the general terms for shipping by Air. We’ve secured EMS, UPS and DHL as our shipping service providers currently. There are more carriers are yet to join in our shipping provider’s list. We choose a shipping carrier for our customer subject to its reliability, efficiency and its shipping fee changes in the different season, day and time frames. Please click to find more detailed information about Air Express and EMS, UPS and DHL as well the Shipping-in Time, Order Processing Time, Production Timeand the Shipping & Delivery Time.
Our Current Shipping & Delivery Service Providers:
EMS, China Express Service which, is a national-own entity of China, works with other country/State-own carriers. For example, USPS for USA , CanadaPost for Canada,Parcelforce for UK, Australian Air Express for Australia and JapanPost for Japan etc. Click to check the available EMS Delivery Partners. Its shipping charges are lowest among all. When an order is placed in which one of the products is from a supplier located in China, if EMS is chosen as a carrier for delivering goods to a customer in USA, EMS will deliver goods to USPS’s designated location after passing through US Customs; USPS will deliver this goods to this customer in USA. In this case, EMS and USPS works together providing a door to door shipping and delivery service. This applies to other countries that EMS works with. Learn more…
UPS is one of the global market leaders in international express, overland transport and airfreight; UPS offers a full range of customized solutions –from express document shipping to supply chain management. It provides excellent door to door service for our customers directly without having to work with 3rd party as EMS does. It is faster. Shipping fees are reasonable. Shipping Fees & Comparison >
DHL is world famous shipping service provider; it has its own networking worldwide. It provides excellent shipping and delivery services to our customers fast and reliable. Its shipping charges are are a bit costly. Shipping Fees & Comparison >
APO/ FPO addresses

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