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How Much Does Delivery Cost?

To keep things as simple as possible, Apt2B proudly offers COMPLETELY FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE, regardless of how your order will ship.

When Will I Receive My Order?

Immediately after you place an order with us, you will receive a confirmation email with details of your order. Orders are usually ready for delivery within 5-10 days, sometimes more and sometimes less; it depends on what you order and every order is different. For instance, some of our products are ready to ship immediately and some that feature a choice of colors/fabrics are custom made to order and can take a bit longer in production (2-3 weeks). We’re always happy to check on an item’s availability before you place your order so please feel free to Contact Us with any questions!

How Will My Order Ship?

Once your order is ready to leave our warehouse, we will send you an additional confirmation with details of how/when your order will ship, including any applicable tracking info. If your order is eligible for In-Home Delivery, a member of our delivery team will contact you when the item is in your local area to coordinate a delivery time. PLEASE NOTE: detailed shipping information will NOT be included in your initial order confirmation. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Apt2B prides itself in being a one-stop-shop with one quick and easy delivery and all larger furniture orders will be delivered inside your actual home or apartment- we’ll never just leave it outside on the front porch! Our teams of big burly men and women will even set it up in your room of choice! (see below for more details on In-Home Delivery and our big and burly delivery team members). All orders purchased at Apt2B.com ship complete whenever possible from our central warehouse in Los Angeles, CA unless otherwise noted by a member of our customer service team. Our goal at Apt2B is to deliver your order to you in the most timely and convenient fashion. This is why we do our absolute best to ensure that, whether your order consists of only 1 item or multiple items, your entire order will arrive at the same time whenever possible. NOTE: Orders shipping complete is not guaranteed and can vary based on the availability of certain items.

UPS / FedEx / USPS

These services are utilized for orders of smaller items or a fewer quantity of items. Orders shipped via UPS/FEDEX/USPS usually arrive within 1-4 business days after your order is ready for shipment.

In-Home Delivery

This service is now offered throughout the Contiguous USA completely free of charge and is available on all furniture orders that are not eligible to ship via UPS/FEDEX/USPS (i.e. larger pieces like sofas, mattresses, etc.). For UPS/FEDEX/USPS eligible orders, that is usually the preferred method due to the speed at which they travel to our customers (see above for more info). In-Home Delivery is utilized for all orders of larger pieces (i.e. a bedroom furniture set, a sectional sofa), oversized items, or items that require a greater level of care. Let us do the work!

NOTE: In-Home Delivery takes a bit longer than a traditional curbside/gutter/leave-it-in-front-of-your-honda-civic drop-off service. The average delivery time nationwide is 7-10 days but can vary depending on your order and also your location. Our customers generally prefer to wait a little longer for the luxury of having furniture set up in their rooms of choice without having to lift a finger. Some just like to complain about how long it’s taking and to those we say: sorry, we understand that it’s taking a long time and we thank you for your patience! (thought we were going to say something mean there, didn’t you?).

HOW IT WORKS: When your order leaves our warehouse, you will be contacted with tracking/shipment information that you may use to track the progress of your order shipment. Then, our delivery service will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment when the shipment has reached your local area (they never show up unannounced). In-Home Delivery usually includes a two-man delivery team to place your purchase inside your residence in the room of your choice. This service includes carrying the products up two flights of stairs from the building threshold (4-15 steps = 1 flight). If you live in a building without an elevator and/or need the products moved up additional flights, please contact us and we’ll make arrangements (a small additional charge may apply). Once the product is in the room you desire, the delivery team will unpack the product(s) and provide full setup and assembly. They will also remove and dispose of all packaging if you wish! Please ensure, prior to delivery, that there is adequate access and space to complete the delivery without hassle. PLEASE NOTE: Any shipping damage must be clearly noted on the shipping documents at the time of delivery. Failure to do so may affect damage claim eligibility.

IMPORTANT: If you agree to a scheduled delivery day/window and are NOT AT HOME TO RECEIVE THE GOODS at the scheduled time (last nail/hair/skin appointments are no excuse!), our delivery teams may contact you to re-schedule a delivery for a different day. In the event that this occurs, you will be charged a one-time 2nd attempt delivery fee equal to the cost of the actual delivery charge depending on your location and size of order. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Apt2B Customer Service.

ALSO IMPORTANT: If you live in a remote location (i.e. on an island, on the top of a mountain, in a cave, etc.) certain delivery surcharges may apply to your order. To find out if there is a “ferry fee” or a “spelunking fee” or if you have any questions regarding this, please contactApt2B Customer Service.


Items marked with EXPRESS|SHIP are in stock and ready to rock! Each piece ships out within 72 hours or less (NOTE: delivery times will vary depending on customer’s location). This is a great way to get that brand new ___ just in time for ___ !! Look for the EXPRESS|SHIP icon within select category and product pages as that will tell you if a particular piece is eligible.

Deferred Delivery

At Apt2B, we are all about making the ordering process as quick and easy as possible and we always do everything in our power to get your order to you in a timely fashion. If you would like us to hold off on delivery for a while, however, please Contact Us after you receive your order confirmation with your order number and details of your deferred delivery request- we almost always are able to accommodate such requests! Once you return from holiday in Monte Carlo, we’ll get your pieces delivered to you safely and efficiently.

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